Queen Ringing – An Alternative Method for Inducing Brood Interruption

Queen caging is a crucial part of the BeeGuards project. Here are some nice articles already done by several team members of BeeGuards.
Climate changes results in shorter and shorter winters and brood breaks seems to disappear more or less in many countries. This means varroa and virus not in control! Many inventions have been developed to create brood breaks. Queen caging has become popular. But read and see her. The RINGING of a queen.
Have look on these nice publications on comparing caging and ringing. All done by BeeGuards members.
Read more about ringing in this publication!
Queen Ringing – An Alternative Method for Inducing Brood Interruption. https://doi.org/10.1080/0005772X.2023.2263285
and enjoy this how to video: