Volcani Center

May we present our wonderful team. There is 27 of them. Today: The Agricultural Research Organization of Israel – the Volcani Center, 3_ARO. Israel

BeeGuards kick-off meeting in Bologna

Antonio Nanetti

On the 26th-28th of November, the very large consortium of the BeeGuards EU-project did have their kick-off meeting in Bologna. It is not a secret, that our consortium is one of the biggest ones, with 27 partners from all over Europe plus Argentina and Israel. More than 60 involved scientists, beekeeping advisers, and organizations met for the first time, to network, get to know each other, inspire each other, discuss and present the workplans of the 10 different work packages. It was 3 very intense days filled with exciting discussions. The picture of something very fruitful starts to become drawn. We are looking forward cooperating for the good of pollinators, bees and European apiculture in the next 4 years. www.beeguards.eu – for resilient beekeeping. Picture Credit: Antonio Nanetti.

The BeeGuards logo

All project needs a logo. Not just a logo, but a logo that is giving you the right associations on what we are doing within our consortium. The BeeGuards are a group of scientists from all over Europe and even south America that deal with the most important and complex issues within bees. Ursula Wirtz from our consortium, took some nice creative moments and did create our nice logo, where she integrated our name BeeGuards, the guards or even you could say police that protect and solve the problems within the bees. Therefore, the nice outline showing a sign. In the logo there is a nice bee, telling us – it is the bees on which we are working. Follow our project for the next four years.