WP2 Innovative Breeding Strategy is ready to go!

At the BeeGuards meeting in Bilbao in few days, the Research Protocol will be presented and practiced.

Under UKIM’s lead, the Work Package partners developed a detailed and comprehensive protocol for executing complex field studies addressing an innovative breeding approach to achieve resilient beekeeping. The protocol aims to standardize the novel methodology for implementation of the breeding cycle, data collection and mating control in programs for genetic improvement and conservation of honey bee populations. In addition, the guidelines pave the way towards creating honey bee germplasm repositories across Europe and developing new technologies for honey bee embryo cryopreservation. Now, UKIM, CREA, BSOURSES, INHORT, LIB, LLH and UNIZAR are ready to explore the Horizons

Poland ready to go!

Pasieka Magdalena Wilde 7-PMW prepared the test apiary for WP1. Management for resilience. It is located near the forest close to the village of Spręcowo, in the beautiful Warmia region in north-eastern Poland.

We are working with Apis mellifera carnica, breeding line Kortowka. The colonies are on Greater Poland frames (360×260 mm) in multi-box hives. Prepared for research on resistance to Varroa as part of WP1 of the BeeGuards project.

Ready to go!

At CNR, Italy (Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection) all is ready to go! Setup of BeeGuards-colonies of Apis mellifera ligustica for WP5 just complete and waiting for performing research on immunity/physiology…..we have 3 Countries X 2 locations X 20 colonies X 2 Varroa mite managements……a simple experimental design and extensive students’ effort for high impact results!!!